Monday, 7 March 2016

House Plants and our Wellbeing

One of the discoveries I made when I was training to be a florist was how amazing houseplants are to our health and wellbeing and this knowledge crossed over when I was studying my Interior Design degree.

Plants in our homes and work places really do make a difference. They are great at keeping us in touch with nature especially during the winter months when the weather is miserable and we are yearning for the warmer months to spend more time outdoors.

Here are some key health points that I learnt and how you can make your home a better, happier and healthier place to be......


Just by having plants in the home will create a visually pleasing welcoming look to any room and shows care and attention which helps promote relaxation, calm and wellbeing in our homes. Being at one with nature indoors as well as outdoors really makes a difference to how we feel.

From an interior design view point they offer texture and interest to a space and shouldn't be forgotten when styling a room.

If looking after living plants scares you or life is hectic and you haven't got the time to care for them, go for artificial plants. There are some great realistic plants out there and they "visually" create a welcoming look to our homes and our connection with nature without too much effort. Just don't forget to dust them ;) .  Also make sure your plants are scaled to the space you are putting them in. Large open spaced areas can cater for large impressive plants such as ferns with smaller areas such as kitchens and bathrooms, orchids are the ideal moisture loving plants.

Due to the amount of natural light we get in our main bathroom, I opted for a beautiful large silk orchid arrangement, which fills the large window space adding a focal point, different textures and interest to the space without being burnt to a crisp from the suns rays.

Artificial plants and flowers also work really well in areas where no natural light is received, like our cloakroom.

If your looking for a company that offers a great choice of realistic, artificial plants, I came across from my design research and would recommend having a look even if its just to get some ideas.


House plants are really pretty awesome for our physical and mental health in that they can lower our blood pressure,  help with our concentration and improve our memories. These facts have been scientifically proven by NASA!!


Just had a new carpet played, fitted MDF furniture or redecorated a room?  Make sure you add some houseplants. They are great at removing the toxins and chemicals in our home environments.  I am going to let you know which plants are the best at detoxing your interiors over the coming weeks. So watch this space.

Noise Dampner

With more homes featuring wooden flooring and open spaces, noise can be a problem. Help dampen sound by adding some houseplants. They are also great at reducing the amount of dust in the home.

So there you have it. Go for the real thing if you can as you will reap more health benefits, but artificial plants can still add a "visual" wellbeing to your homes.

Houseplants are truly amazing,  easy to implement in our homes and add to a healthier lifestyle with minimum effort, whats not to love :D



  1. Oh I like plants & would really like to have real ones again. My two fur girls (cats) attack, chew & throw up anything green & living. I think I will have a trip out this week to look for some artificial orchids. Your big plant in the bathroom bay window is gorgeous.

  2. Aw thank you Patio Postcards :D I had a cat that used to eat my plants too!! There are some lovely artificial orchids out there. Good luck with your trip out to buy one. Plants really do make a difference real or artificial :D xx

  3. We don't have any live houseplants, although I might try one or two as we do some redecorating this year. We do, however, have some artificial ones as decor in our living room.

  4. WOW lots of interesting stuff about houseplants. We don't have any! Will definitely be adding one or two soon x


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