Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Decluttering? I can do this!

Well, I bought the book (Maria's fault) ... I started reading it ... Didn't finish it! (Can't blame Maria). What am I talking about? The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying, by Marie Kondo of course.  Its the book that's taken the world by storm, or so it seems, and has got millions, holding items of clothing and saying ... "Does this spark joy"

So how far did I get with my book? I'm on page 103, the part about books.  I have of course, flicked to other parts in the book, and dipped in and out of chapters, but well that's not really what this is all about.  So I'm starting again. And properly this time.
Now, part of this book actually doesn't work for me, and I'm ok with that.  She starts with clothing and well, says we shouldn't be putting summer and winter clothes away. They should be out all the time. That just does not work for me.  I actually get joy in sorting my clothes twice a year and putting them away (yes, sad I know) although I'm not sure hubby would agree with me as lugging down the suitcase is a mammoth task. But I like seeing the different seasons in my wardrobe and also remember pieces I'd forgotten I had.  But I am going to start afresh.  So you will find me sorting through my clothes before I put this season away. And I'm going to be ruthless.

I will be sharing my decluttering journey with you, so I should warn you all now.  My name is Sandra, and I'm a hoarder

I''ll leave you with this sentence from her book
I know, some of you are feeling faint as I'm highlighting in my book.  I'm even turning down and putting tabs in a few of my favourite places.  Sorry about that, but I need reminders and prompts to keep me on track



  1. LOL - I can cope with post-it note tabs but marking a book...oh dear, feel faint.
    Seriously, whatever works for you has to be fine in your own book and if it is creating the desired result then 'way to go'.
    Toni xx

  2. Brilliant Sandra I'm right behind you. As you know I have been doing this and it is great. And I'm still keeping it all in order :) you can do it.Take your time and you will get there. Xxxx

  3. I'll be paring down my wardrobe again soon, too. And probably re-reading that book to participate in the Simple Scrapper book club discussion next week. Lots of the book didn't apply to me, but it was great for inspiring me to do some decluttering last year.

  4. If you must mark a book, what better colour than green. I read the book but I am not necessarily a convert to her style of organization, but she makes some useful points, especially the one you have highlighted.

  5. I think you should come over to me and practice decluttering here before you start on your place :) xx

  6. I got the book a while ago and must now sit and read it properly. I'm in a facebook group and must admit I feel faint when any of them mention getting a skip and just sending all their stuff to landfill. I'm afraid some of the stuff she says just doesn't sit very well with my green credentials - so I think I will be much slower at doing decluttering her way, as I will want to donate stuff to charity shops and Freegle. But I am willing to give it a proper go as have seen people have amazing results with it. No problem with marking your book LOL - I did a level english so my books were full of highlighting and my own scribbled notes in the margins!! I too have a summer and winter wardrobe - it works for me so will be sticking with that!! Look forward to hearing how you are getting on with it all.


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