Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Craft room plan

I love my craft room, its everything and more than I had hoped for, when I planned it out about 12 years ago, but sadly it's more often than not a dumping ground, for when I either return from a crop or are getting ready for one.  Those that know me well, will probably tell you, that I love the tidying up and organising more than the actual crafting, and I'l be honest, I do that way too much, but this time, I really need to get my act in in gear and get it organised.

This time though I need to plan it out first.  So I thought you might like to come along on my journey with me.
I'm not going to be doing any redecorating or making huge changes, nor am I going to be buying any fancy storage or pretty shelves ... I need to get it into a working state, as I have a head full of creative ideas.

I know I should empty and re-evaluate the room, but seriously, who has time for that? Plus, it would make me far too anxious and I'm impatient, so I'll be doing the room, bit by bit.  It isn't the best way, thats a fact, but needs must and I have way too much stuff. I also need to keep costs to a minimum, so I'll be repurposing items found around home or I'll look in charity shops or eBay.

First things first ... I need a plan ... so here's the list I wrote out.

  • What Do I create in here and what do I want to create
  • What's not working in my room at the moment
  • What is working
  • What do I want to store
  • What can I store elsewhere
  • Storage Needs 
All this also shows is I have too much stuff! 

So I've armed myself with another storage box and decided to clear my desk first. I can put it all in there, and then just start with a clear desk.  

This is my desk at present ... not the worst its been, but not the best either. I'm thinking I need a clear desk feel, which will give me the opportunity to actually get things out; either scrapping, quilting or dressmaking, work on them, and then put them away.  Well, that's the idea. 

There you have it ... my messy craft desk.  I'll be back with how I'm getting on, in future posts, I know this isn't going to be done in a day or two, but I determined not to drag it out either, like I say, I have a head full of creative ideas and I need to get on with them.
Sandra xx


  1. I want to come and play in your house :-) !!

    1. Come on over Ali ... kettle's on x

  2. Glad I'm not the only one with a messy craft space LOL
    Toni xx

    1. My excuse is that I've a creative mind .... ok, I'm really just messy

  3. I like your list of where to start. I often start with what is not working & not just on my craft area. Sometimes the clearing up is half the fun & that tells me that something is off about my ability to create ...

  4. Good luck with your bit by bit plan - can't wait to see the space all tidy.

  5. Good luck with the planning, it looks like you're asking yourself the right questions x

  6. Looking forward to seeing your progress. The only thing in my room that's always in pretty good order is my craft table. I clean up after each project, so it's ready to go when I want to craft. Now, if I could just tackle those piles on the other table...and the floor!


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