Monday, 28 November 2016

Christmas Cake - A Tip

Happy Monday Friends!!

I hope you have had a restful weekend, or maybe you have already started putting up the Christmas decorations because you can't contain your excitement. Although, I am definitely holding off until this coming weekend, as personally four weeks is long enough to have them up before they come down after the New Years celebrations.

Anyways, on to today's post. My daughter brought home the Christmas cake she had made a while ago at college, as they got to decorate it last week. Today's post is a tip for those of you who may have made your very own Christmas cake.

My daughters Christmas cake in the making at college.

I am loving the little robins she made for it.

This tip actually comes from a top London patisserie chef who is currently teaching my daughter.
Once made, your cake can be stored in a cool dry place (not the fridge),  for up to 1 year (and absolutely no longer than this). However, if your not going to get round to eating it, or maybe you have had the joys of making more than one, you can actually freeze your cake for up to 4 years.

I hope you have found this tip useful, as I have.

Have a lovely week, until next time!!



  1. That is a great tip and a gorgeous cake! I'm like you and don't put my decorations up until 1st December, my mum used to say it was bad luck to do it before then and I'm so superstitious :) x

    1. Thanks Jo. My mum was the same and I think it gets passed on with all the other superstitions like not giving pens to loved ones as you'll be writing goodbye to them lol. Oh and you have to take them down by a certain day too or it's bad luck as well. :) x

  2. Wow, if that tastes even half as good as it looks, it would be amazing.

    1. Thanks Susanne. It does look amazing doesn't it. It's just a shame I can't eat it lol xx

  3. It does look yummy! I read posts often this time of year about people making cakes early, but I honestly don't know what kind of cake it is? I'm not familiar with a cake that would last a year, however I know quite a few people who freeze their cake layers. :)


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